Protecting Owner’s Interest in Mega Power Plant Construction

The $2 billion, 750 MW (nominal) Punta Catalina power plant in the Caribbean country of Dominican Republic is a large, complex project designed and built by an international consortium under an EPC contract with the Corporation Dominicana de Empresas Electricas Estatales, or CDEEE.

The CDEEE is a state-owned authority that is building the plant to address chronic power outages and electricity shortages on the island. It also desired to reduce its heavy reliance on burning highly polluting heavy fuel oil, which produces high emissions of carbon dioxide, sulphur and particulate matter. The new plant would provide a reliable source of base-load electricity fueled by modern coal-fired units that would be fitted with low NOx burners, dry scrubbers, and bag houses to lessen emissions of nitrous oxides (NOx), sulphur oxides (SOx) and particulates. 

As Owner’s Engineer, Stanley Consultants played a major role in protecting owner’s interest by establishing an oversight and communication program to coordinate observation and monitoring of construction quality and adherence to schedule. They issued instructions to the contractor clarifying and interpreting contract documents. The sheer volume of design and contractors’ drawings reviewed was enormous: more than 54,000 in all, at a pace of from 400 to 1,000 per week. Engineers have also traveled to factories to verify that the equipment was in conformance with specifications.

Stanley Consultants implemented daily, weekly and monthly reporting systems, inspected project work and placed corrective measures on punch lists. Engineers also reviewed and tracked the operation and maintenance manual developed by the EPC contractor and monitored commissioning, start-up, preliminary operation and equipment and software system testing.

When completed in 2018, the new power generating units will serve millions of people in the Dominican Republic with reliable, affordable electricity while lowering overall air emissions.