Disaster Recovery

Stanley Consultants has long recognized its professional obligation and leadership role when it comes to providing engineering services for disaster recovery.  We serve governments, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and private clients with damage assessments and disaster preparedness.  We are able to immediately mobilize multi-disciplined teams to disaster areas to provide complete professional consulting for all types of technical evaluations with cost estimates.

Stanley Consultants has provided program management services, performed preliminary designs, full design, contract tender documents, and construction supervision.  We know FIDIC and World Bank procedures.  We have provided emergency designs for quick rehabilitation, and have helped communities rebuild.

In time of need, Stanley Consultants offers our member expertise, flexibility and willingness to "go where our clients need us."  Connect With Us to learn more about our disaster recovery services.

Related Projects Worldwide

Iraqi Damage Assessment Performed During Operation Provide Comfort
Approximately 750,000 ethnic Kurds of the Northern Iraqi Governorates of Dohuk, Irbil, and Sulaymaniyah were displaced to government villages by the central Iraqi government prior to establishment of the United Nations safe havens.
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Reconstructing Post War Iraq
The opportunity to help rebuild a country came the summer of 2003. The team was charged with master planning the reconstruction of Iraq’s infrastructure. Twenty-two engineers, architects and planners from Stanley Consultants and a partnering company, representing all infrastructure sectors and engineering disciplines, accepted the dangerous and daunting challenge.
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Croatia Receives Assistance Rehabilitating War-Torn Areas
The Community Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program (CIRP) provided a mechanism for undertaking small and medium-scale rehabilitation projects throughout the war-affected areas of Croatia, rural and urban, municipality, and village.
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Birdland Levee Provides Flood Control and Recreation
Made necessary by damage incurred during the 1993 floods, the Birdland Levee Improvements Study and Design included improvements for 8,000 feet levee along the northeast bank of the Des Moines River.
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Plaquemines Parish Gains Much Needed Flood Protection
Fronting protection keeps the Plaquemines Parish in New Orleans out of harm’s way. New pump stations were constructed to keep flood waters at bay.
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Grand Forks Flood Protection Project Proves to be both Functional and Fun
Many recreational amenities were designed into the new flood protection levee, including an outdoor venue for community events.
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