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Restoring an Ecosystem for Future Generations

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Management Program (EMP) was created for the enhancement of wildlife habitat in the upper Mississippi River system. Calhoun Point, at the confluence of the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers, is a key area within the program; containing abundant bottomland forest, open water, and emergent wetlands. It serves as a busy stopover for hundreds of thousands of migrating waterfowl each year.

The design included approximately 150,000 cubic yards of dredging to improve aquatic habitat. The dredged material placement sites are managed to encourage moist-soil vegetation. Design also included special measures for protecting habitat for bald eagle and other endangered species. Stanley Consultants worked closely throughout the design process with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, who manage separate sections of the area.

Stanley Consultants also provided design services for rehabilitation of roadway closure structure and railroad closure structure to provide increased level of flood protection along the Prairie du Rocher and Modoc Levee and Drainage District in Illinois. The levee is located on the east bank of the Mississippi River between River Miles 118 and 130. Design included seismic analysis of the structures and adjacent sheet pile walls.

"The personnel at Stanley were extremely easy to work with.  They were professional, cooperative and knowledgeable.  They were responsive to comments of both the Corps of Engineers and the customer trying to obtain a satisfactory product for all".

ACASS Rating - Exceptional