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Hydroelectric Facilities Rehabilitated at Georgia’s Buford Dam

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers selected Stanley Consultants to prepare plans and specifications for a major rehabilitation of hydroelectric facilities at Georgia’s Buford Dam.

Buford Dam's hydroelectric facilities have been in operation since 1958 when Lake Lanier filled with water.  The dam, 192 feet high and 2,360 feet long, contains machinery for producing electrical energy and regulating the flow of water into the Chattahoochee River.  After more than 40 years of operation, a major rehabilitation was needed in order to continue producing 250 million kilowatt hours of power annually.

The multipurpose reservoir, located in north-central Georgia, was constructed for power production, water supply, navigation, flood control, recreation, and fish and wildlife management.  Approximately 35 miles northeast of Atlanta, Buford dam collects runoff water from about 1,040 square miles in north Georgia.

The services provided by Stanley Consultants for the rehabilitation of hydroelectric facilities including new turbine runners; rewound generator stators; new stator cores for the two larger units; new solid state exciters; new digital governors; new main stepup transformers; new unit switchgear as well as rehabilitated switchyard components; new power cabling; rehabilitated cooling water system; rehabilitated intake, sluice, and draft tube gates; acoustic flow metering system; and various other ancillary items.