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In addition to the perennial challenges of safety, productivity, production costs and skilled personnel, new concerns about sustainability, energy reliability and renewable energy are on the minds of today’s industrial operators. These new considerations also add to the complexity to plant planning and operations. Increased and more diverse operating data is powering effective strategies for this modern operating goal: Efficient, cost-effective and climate and environment-friendly operations while maintaining the highest standards for safety, productivity and quality. 

The modern industrial operation incorporates a wide variety of technologies, from clean and renewable energy to effective water treatment, to real time data produced by the Internet of Things that helps the plant operate at its optimum, sustainable efficiency. Other issues important to owners include regulatory compliance and the availability of skilled workers. 

An engineering firm with a one-stop array of integrated capabilities and services is best positioned to assist plant owners to meet and conquer today’s challenges. Stanley Consultants can draw from a deep well of talent from all disciplines for every engineering need on a project, from environmental and regulatory permitting to renewable power generation studies to final plant commissioning. A single services provider has the experience and breadth of knowledge to help owners clarify the decision-making process for the road ahead.

Integrated Capabilities

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Industrial Solutions

Stanley Consultants' wide range of professional industrial solutions include:

Information Icon REDUCE ENERGY COSTS Information Icon We optimize operating costs by improving the efficiency and reliability of steam, condensate, compressed air, chilled water, HVAC, lighting and electrical distribution systems through the use of energy efficient equipment, optimal control system design, heat recovery, biomass and renewable energies.

Information Icon MANAGE WASTE STREAM Information Icon With rising water and wastewater disposal surcharges and stricter regulatory compliance, we minimize risks by reducing and controlling waste, including recycling, disposal of hazardous waste, reduction of waste discharges and byproducts of production.

Information Icon CURTAIL WATER USE Information Icon We reduce the cost of production through water management, curtailing water used for electricity generation, process heating and cooling, raw material transport and dilution, product formulation, process cleaning and environmental control.

Information IconINCREASE ENERGY RELIABILITY Information Icon To avoid higher energy costs and fluctuations in available fuel sources in the future, we help clients gain energy independence, resiliency and reliability with distributed energy and micro-grid resources such as CHP, reciprocating engines, biomass, renewable energy sources, hybrid systems and energy storage.

Information IconTIMELY PERMITS Information Icon We assist with all phases of the permitting process for air, water, facilities and solid waste to comply with federal, state and local codes. Our expertise translates into accurate, timely permit applications that are strategically crafted for maximum flexibility and skillfully negotiated with regulatory agencies to streamline the permitting process.

Information IconFLEXIBLE, MODULAR INFRASTRUCTURES Information Icon Our design solutions focus on universal infrastructures and utilities to provide the flexibility and modularization that permits faster turnaround times for changes in production spaces and lower annual maintenance costs.

Information IconMEET SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVES Information Icon As industrial plants work to be more environmentally responsible, we assist with meeting energy reduction and emission standards by reducing the resources, energy and intensity in producing goods, recycling and reusing material to achieve profitable and long-term growth.

Information IconCONTROL NOISE AND VIBRATION Information Icon Our structural designs for buildings, equipment foundations, platforms, elevated structures and overhead cranes include load optimization, value engineering, calibration with equipment and seismic requirements to control noise and vibrations and maintain the integrity of the structure.

Information IconMANAGE MATERIAL TRANSPORT EFFICIENTLY Information Icon We help evaluate the timeliness and cost-efficiency of transporting raw material, bulk material and finished product with improved conveyor and packaging systems to minimize production costs.

Information IconREDUCE DOWNTIME THROUGH CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT Information Icon We provide on-site construction management to expedite the construction process and minimize production downtime by ensuring adherence to budget, schedule, safety and quality requirements, validating costs, assisting with bidding and contracting, performing constructability reviews and construction oversite and evaluating contractor claims.


Industrial Services

Stanley Consultants offers a variety of industrial services to meet your needs.


Renewable Energy Assessments | Energy & Utilities Audits
Energy & Utilities Management | Condition Assessments | Asset Management
Brownfield Redevelopment | Environmental Assessments | GIS Mapping
Master Planning | Site Selection | Sustainability Planning | Utilities Planning
Utility Interconnection | Staff Augmentation | Site Survey & Mapping | Permitting


Preliminary Design | Detailed Engineering Design | Value Engineering
2D, 3D simulation, BIM | Cost Estimating | Materials Procurement
Project Management


Owner’s Engineer | Construction Management
Commissioning and Retro-commissioning | Construction Inspection