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What Is Environmental Planning?

March 29, 2023

Environmental planning involves the integration of sustainable and environmentally conscious business practices into the design and development of engineering projects. This process helps us analyze potential environmental concerns and actively incorporate strategies that address and mitigate these problems.

Here’s what you need to know about environmental planning from an engineering perspective and why Stanley Consultants is a leader in sustainability.

Environmental Planning for Engineering and Design

As a full-service engineering firm, Stanley Consultants has many engineering disciplines under one roof. Our team views every project through the lens of sustainability. We incorporate an environmental perspective into each new project by asking the question, “How will this impact the environment in the future?”

New infrastructure helps people live better lives in the present. At the same time, we must work to protect the natural environment to provide for the health and well-being of future generations. These two goals are often in competition, and finding a balance between the two is essential. Though finding this balance was a secondary goal in years past, it’s at the forefront of our company’s environmental, social and governance goals today.

Our impactful work in industries like waste management and disposal, climate adaptation and pollution control gives us an unparalleled level of expertise when making environmentally conscious designs. Our mission is to help clients consider environmental sustainability while keeping their project priorities top of mind. The result is a harmonious balance of award-winning work and an exceptional commitment to exceeding regulatory requirements.

Environmental Planning in Practice

At Stanley Consultants, we’re focused on listening to our clients to best serve their needs within the scope of regulatory obligations. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we sit down with clients of all sizes and budgets to create customized solutions. Here are some of the ways we’ve worked to put environmental planning into practice with our clients.

Environmental Urban Planning and Climate Adaptation

All urban planning projects require environmental impact consideration. This is for the good of the environment and for the success of the project itself. With comprehensive master planning solutions that draw from more than 100 years of experience across industries, Stanley Consultants can provide a customized package of services to meet your project’s needs.

But what about existing buildings and infrastructure? Climate adaptation and the important work of Resilient Analytics, a Stanley Consultants company, can help provide vital insights into the future of your existing capital investments. Resilient Analytics’ unique approach to climate change uses data-driven modeling to create actionable plans for addressing vulnerabilities, managing risk and effectively allocating resources for maximum benefits to communities and organizations.

Water Quality and Resource Management

Water is among the most precious resources on the planet, and we must do everything we can to protect it. That’s why we go above and beyond to serve our clients to protect water quality and help them navigate resource management obstacles.

Our team can provide site assessments to help you better understand the condition of a property and any hazards which may impact water sources and other natural systems. We also have helped clients trace sources of contamination, including those off property, and worked with clients to identify next steps to address these concerns.

Environmental Compliance and Regulatory Considerations

Environmental compliance requires detailed planning to address all nuances in legislation. The regulatory environment is constantly changing, and we work with governmental and industrial regulators to address the key needs of any project.

However, our work goes beyond the surface level. Our regulatory knowledge is expansive and is the result of strong relationships with regulators that we have cultivated over time. Our team includes experts from all disciplines who are often called upon to provide their industry knowledge to various regulatory agencies. This allows us to take a more proactive approach to design and planning rather than a reactive one.

Find an Environmental Planning Consultant for Your Next Project

Every project we work on at Stanley Consultants begins with the goal of improving lives. We provide resilient and sustainable environmental planning solutions that put people first while solving some of the most complex challenges of our lifetimes.

To see for yourself, read more about the work we’re doing, including:

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