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Water System Master Plan
By Brian Roth, P.E.

Potable Water

Whether you require a new water system or an update to your present facilities to meet projected needs or regulatory requirements, Stanley Consultants can help.  Clean, wholesome drinking water is one of our most valued resources.  When it comes to your water, there can be no compromise.

Connect with our team of engineering and environmental professionals who are ready to help you with your master planning and rate studies, asset management, commissioning and start-up, SCADA and GIS integration, and construction management needs.

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Multi-Disciplined System Evaluation Required for Funding Approval
Preliminary engineering report paves way for project funding for Ottumwa Water and Hydro.
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Providing Additional Water for Eagle Mountain City
New and upgraded well pump station houses provide Eagle Mountain City with additional water supply.
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Desalination Plant Provides Much Needed Clean Water to Algeria
The Hamma Seawater Desalination Plant is providing much needed water to Algeria through reverse-osmosis.
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Creative Solution for Henderson’s Water Delivery
Stanley Consultants determined the best way to provide additional water capacity to Henderson, Nevada.
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Water Main Hot Tap Critical to O'Hare Runway Project
Stanley Consultants designed an innovative hot tap process resulting in no water service disruptions at O’Hare and savings of $80 million over next best design alternative.
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Reservoir Designed with Many Innovative Features
Reservoir increases water storage capacity for Logan City, Utah.
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Providing a Renewable Water Source to Residents
Stanley Consultants teamed with PCL Civil Constructor on this Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) project to design and construct an 8-mile long, 78-inch steel pipe and distribution line that delivers potable water to the Northern Arizona area.
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Regional Water Resources Assessment in 12 Southern Africa Countries
The Southern Africa Regional Water and Associated Environmental Implications Assessment focused on water resources in 12 countries.
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First Turnkey Water Resources Program Financed by USAID
National Organization for Potable Water and Sanitary Drainage (NOPWASD) and USAID asked Stanley Consultants to assume the role of design-build contractor and complete the design, subcontract the remaining construction and provide the operation and maintenance services.
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No More (Radium) Trouble in River City
Mason City is home to the third largest electrodialysis reversal (EDR) technology system in the world.
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