No More (Radium) Trouble for River City

Stanley Consultants provided design engineering and construction management services to help the city of Mason City, Iowa upgrade their entire water system to reduce radon levels in their water supply.

Residents in the rural community of Mason City, Iowa, population 30,000, have several claims to fame.  Mason City is the birthplace of Meredith Wilson, composer of "The Music Man."  The city is also known for its rich architectural heritage from noteworthy Prairie School Architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Walter Burley Griffin.

A more obscure, but equally important claim to fame can be found in the city's wastewater treatment plant.  It contains the world's third largest electrodialysis reversal (EDR) technology system (2nd largest in the U.S.) used to remove naturally occurring radium from the city's raw water supply.  Radium is a known cancer-causing agent.

New EPA regulations had put Mason City's radium levels over the allowable limits.  This became the catalyst for Mason City to upgrade the entire water system.  Improvements included a new central water treatment plant, new raw and treated water mains, new booster pumps station and well rehabilitation.

Mason City entrusted Stanley Consultants to be its design engineer and construction manager to orchestrate the $18 million project.  Of this, $6.5 million was funded through federal grant funds specifically earmarked for the project through Stanley Consultants' grantsmanship efforts.