Innovative Reservoir Design

The City of Logan, population 45,000, needed more storage capacity to meet the Utah regulations for its public drinking water system.   Stanley Consultants was commissioned to design a 5.65 million gallon concrete reservoir.

The reservoir has many innovative features.  A novel yet inexpensive turbulent jet mixing system aerates the water.  Pressurized water entering through a nozzle amplifies the water velocity, creating a turbulent circular flow.  Requiring no maintenance or supplemental power, it is the only known application of its kind in Utah.

The 550 by 75-foot reservoir was an ideal candidate for a pre-cast double tee deck roofing system.  Virtually unheard of on a Utah reservoir, it reduced construction time and expense, and eliminated the need for interior columns.  The pre-cast concrete deck is covered with a flexible green roof system that allows for deck movement during snow events.  The system consists of multiple layers of geotextile fabrics and membranes, covered with topsoil and a native wildflower mix, selected to eliminate the need for supplemental irrigation while providing visual continuity with the surrounding golf course and National Forest lands.  It is thought to be the first application of an EPDM green roof system on a Utah water reservoir.