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Sewage Improvements Among Largest Design-Build Wastewater Projects

This unique $110 million venture, with ABB-SUSA Dillingham and Stanley Consultants joining forces, is among the decade's largest design-build wastewater projects.  The City of Suez, Egypt, is home to more than one million people.  The city had long been in need of a wastewater treatment plant.  Sewage had previously flowed untreated through the streets.  The client, Egypt's National Organization for Potable Water and Sanitary Drainage, wanted durable and simple systems for the treatment facility.  The Egyptians wanted function over fancy.  A 130,000 cmd lagoon system, requiring less operator sophistication, was selected.

Stanley Consultants provided engineering services to rehabilitate all trunk sanitary sewers and five wastewater pumping stations for the City of Suez, Egypt.  The gravity sewer rehabilitation project involved improving the hydraulic capacity of the existing system.  Rehabilitation has been completed for high infiltration and critical defect reaches of the system.  The work included cleaning and TV inspection of the existing system, sewer condition surveys, topographic and utility surveys, flow and geotechnical monitoring, detailed design, construction services, quality control review, and shop drawing review.

Long-term performance was expected of the facility.  To alleviate corrosive conditions, layers of salty soil were removed.  To further mitigate salty soils, the structural design incorporated very dense concrete with increased rebar cover.  All underground concrete was covered with PVC sheeting to protect against corrosion.  The area also had expansive clay, creating potential problems.  The answer was rigid and highly flexible designs.