Pump It Up! CAP Superstition Mountains Recharge Project

To pull the water from the CAP Canal, Stanley Consultants designed a one-of-a-kind bridge-mounted pumping station that spans the canal.  Six vertical turbine pumps mounted on the bridge deck draw water directly from the canal like giant straws. This is a dramatic twist from the traditional "gravity turnout structure" that CAP typically uses to divert water into the recharge basins.

By contrast, the bridge turnout allowed for bank-to-bank construction with no disruption to canal operations. The cost-effective configuration is more sustainable than the traditional gravity turnout structure because vital components are deck mounted above grade, with no submersed facilities.

In another unique twist, the nine-girder bridge was constructed using seven precast prestressed concrete AASHTO girders which were produced for a highway bridge project but ultimately not used.  The girders were donated to CAP where they were stored for several years.  After confirming adequate length and strength, Stanley Consultants designed the pump station bridge to specifically match the "recycled" girders, a move that saved nearly $150,000 in construction costs. 

Designing the bridge to carry vehicular traffic allows easy maintenance for CAP staff and provides a much needed crossing over the canal.  It is the only one of its kind in the CAP system.

Two 40-acre basins were designed and constructed to store 25,000 acre feet/year of Colorado River water in an underground aquifer.