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Building Tomorrow's Infrastructure Today with TEDS

December 22, 2022

Aerial view of Florida highways at sunrise

Earlier this year, Stanley Consultants acquired Traffic Engineering Data Solutions, Inc. (TEDS), a transportation engineering firm known for exceptional work in its home state of Florida. TEDS’ proven capabilities and values are perfectly aligned with Stanley Consultants and this acquisition broadens our transportation talent and expertise across the U.S. 

Who is TEDS?

TEDS is a Florida-based engineering firm specializing in transportation engineering services and transportation planning. Founded in 2007, the firm operated on the guiding principle of “Doing the Right Thing” for their clients. TEDS has extensive experience working with the Florida Department of Transportation and various cities and counties throughout the state, proving they can deliver results for clients. Stanley Consultants’ acquisition of TEDS more than triples the company’s presence in Florida and further expands service offerings to new areas.

Services Offered by TEDS

TEDS offers a wide range of industry-leading transportation services, but specializes in traffic engineering services, traffic data collection and civil engineering. Learn more about each service below and how TEDS is continuing to drive innovation and helping us create a more connected, sustainable and enriched world for all. 

Traffic Engineering Design & Analysis

Traffic engineering design addresses the planning and design of motorways. This includes traffic flow studies, safety analysis and cost/benefit analyses. In addition to planning, traffic engineering covers operational aspects of roads and highways. These services include traffic and pedestrian signals, improvement planning and a host of additional offerings to provide the public with a safer, better and more efficient driving experience.  

Like Stanley’s intelligent transportation system (ITS) services, TEDS offers a wide range of smarter infrastructure improvements that increase traffic efficiency and safety. They work with weather information systems, security threat detection and traffic signal performance measurements to achieve this. After a serious crash in Orlando that was caused by a driver going the wrong way, TEDS implemented wrong way detection systems on 43 interstate ramps. As concerns grew, they expediated design to facilitate  construction before more injuries occurred.

Traffic Data Collection

Data plays a large role in transportation planning and operation, and TEDS offers expert analysis. In cooperation with various government agencies and municipalities, TEDS surveys and collects a wide range of information to allow for data-driven decision making throughout the transportation network. TEDS can capture data using automated counters and uses a drone to complete surveys. 

Other data collection services offered by TEDS include traffic volume counts, speed surveys and various video recordings of traffic activity. The company maintains a large fleet of advanced vehicles with technology designed to deliver accurate, high-quality data for clients.

Civil Engineering / Roadway Design

TEDS civil engineering services are designed to make communities operate more efficiently. With TEDS’ broad expertise in the transportation space, the company is well positioned to serve both public and private sector clients from pre-development stages through construction. From stormwater management to master planned communities, TEDS is able to cover all aspects of a civil engineering project. The company can also assist with permitting processes like rezoning, right of way management, minor roadway design and building permit coordination.

New Perspectives in Traffic Engineering

Our record of innovation and quality can be seen in transportation projects like the Ajo Way Interchange, the I-10 Houghton Road Diverging Diamond Interchange and the South Mountain Freeway. With the additional expertise of the TEDS team, Stanley Consultants can continue to solve complex transportation challenges faced by clients of all types and apply new perspectives to traffic and roadways across the country. Most importantly, TEDS is aligned with our promise to deliver differently for clients, allowing projects to be completed with community-focused initiatives.


Trust Stanley Consultants with Your Next Project

With our proven successes and more than a century of experience, Stanley Consultants can help see your project through to completion with the highest standards of quality. Beyond transportation, we’re here to assist you in a wide range of complementary business areas, allowing us to be your one-stop solution for engineering projects of all kinds.

See for yourself why we’re consistently ranked among the best names in the industry both regionally and nationally. Connect with us to learn more about how our team of professionals can serve you.

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