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Al Dhafra Program Management


U.S. Corps of Engineers, Middle East District

Project Type:

Program Management


Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates

About the Project

Stanley Consultants drives program management for $1.4 billion air base expansion

Stanley Consultants has a long history of supporting the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and its Department of Defense clients worldwide. An important U.S. and coalition forces air base in the United Arab Emirates is another example of that cooperation. Stanley Consultants has served the USACE as program manager for an ongoing $1.4 billion base expansion to transition from an expeditionary to an enduring base. The size and complexity of the program is enormous, comprised of two installation development plans and nine area development plans that will generate 22 design and construction packages to build 236 facilities, 188 acres of airfield pavement, 10 utility systems and other site infrastructure on more than 5,000 total acres of land. The amount of planned new airfield pavement is more than that of the giant Ramstein Air Base in Germany. The facility, including billeting facilities, fuel storage and two aircraft hangars, will be among the largest in the Air Force outside of the United States.

By The Numbers

  • 22

    Design Packages

  • 236


  • $1.4

    Billion Dollars


Program Management

Stanley Consultants brings more than 200 areas of engineering and architectural expertise to our program management services, with program delivery, program integration and project cost management at the heart of all we do.

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