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Naval Base Complex in Southwestern Asia

Stanley Consultants has been engaged by a foreign military client to provide master planning, detailed design, and construction phase services for a complete new Naval Base Complex in Southwestern Asia.  Construction has begun in this phased construction project.

The project included design of a massive industrial complex campus including specialized industrial facilities, an administrative and a communications complex, infrastructure and utilities, and residential facilities.  When construction is complete, the naval base will house approximately 1,000 people.

All of the state-of-the-art facilities were designed and built to U.S. equivalent or better standards.

Shipyard features include:

  • A ship lift facility that can hoist a 60-meter-long ship (Corvette sized) onto land-based transporters
  • Foundations and superstructures designed for future applications/flexibility
  • Massive overhead crane capacity
  • Maintenance shops large enough to accommodate two 60-meter-long ships
  • Fuel loading and unloading facilities
  • Full power systems