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Planning for Water Management Infrastructure Projects

South Florida Water Management District hired Stanley Consultants to provide planning tools to help manage operations and maintenance costs.

The cost of construction is a significant factor when planning for water management infrastructure projects.  With tightening budgets, annual Operations and Maintenance (O&M) costs are more closely reviewed.  Today, these costs are given greater consideration in the planning phase as managers are asked to "Do (Much) More with Less."

In response to the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) planning needs, Stanley Consultants recently completed a Water Resources Planning Tool to estimate O&M costs for alternative project configurations and proposed water management features.  To develop this tool, our staff performed the following: a comprehensive review of historical costs, audits, budgets, and salary data; an assessment of SFWMD assets, and a review of staffing and organizational charts.

Next, Stanley Consultants prepared functional activity assessments; information needs matrices, schedules, work plans, technical memos, and cost methodology reports.  A Microsoft Access database was then developed for the SFWMD that incorporated the following features: stormwater treatment areas, eco-sloughs, eco-reservoirs, reservoirs, wetland managed areas, and flow-ways.