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Engineering & Design Solutions

Engineering and design services at Stanley Consultants combine our robust technical skills with forward-thinking innovation to deliver the highest-quality results.


Improving Lives Through Engineering & Design

As one of our core competencies, engineering and design is at the heart of everything we do. Our project delivery approach centers on project management and controls, quality and technical programs, information management, codes and standards and knowledge collection. Discover why Stanley Consultants has been at the forefront of improving lives with engineering and design services for over 100 years.

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Engineering & Design Solutions

Architecture Engineering

Our approach goes well beyond just the building. We’re focused on the systems that make them sustainable and resilient, and how they fit in the community.

Civil Engineering

Our work has a substantial impact on everyday life with the design and construction of critical infrastructure, such as roads, bridges and buildings.

Cogeneration Engineering & Design

We’re working toward a more sustainable future, using cogeneration engineering to produce heat and electricity simultaneously from a single energy source.


Trust our team to bring fully functional power generation systems to life, accounting for everything from planning and installation to testing and training.

Controls Systems Engineering

Our controls engineering consulting has kept pace with the quickly evolving digital revolution. Controls systems play a part in every aspect of today's modern technology society, effectively and safely operating the life-enabling systems we depend upon.

Distributed Energy

Using everything from natural gas and solar arrays to battery storage systems and microgrids, we help meet real-time energy demands efficiently and sustainably.

District Energy

Using one central facility, we help reduce the carbon footprint and provide effective energy distribution to universities, hospitals, office buildings and even cities.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

The world’s fleet of electric vehicles is rapidly growing, and our team is helping to deliver the infrastructure that provides seamless charging access across roads and highways.

Electrical Engineering Consultants

Electricity powers our lives and is an essential component of a sustainable future. We design, build, maintain and deploy a wide range of electrical systems.

Highways and Bridges

Stanley Consultants offers engineering expertise in all phases of project development, from concept planning and design through construction management. We work in partnership with our clients to meet budget, safety and aesthetic goals.


We’re skilled in all the essential systems that make buildings functional and comfortable, including heating, air conditioning, mechanical, electrical and plumbing.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

We're experienced in the development of a wide range of intelligent transportation systems that help communities improve mobility, safety and productivity.

Mechanical Engineering

We’re dedicated to understanding the systems that make things work and how we can use that knowledge to adapt to the complex needs of the future.

Power Generation

Our power generation solutions are resilient and efficient, designing systems focused on meeting continuous production and carbon reduction demands.

Structural Engineering

No matter the size of the building, our team has the structural engineering expertise to plan and create structures that withstand the stresses of the environment and establish safety.


Our engineering, design and consultancy expertise can provide innovative solutions for your substation project.

Transmission & Distribution

We help energy utilities of all sizes transmit, distribute and convert reliable power supplies that establish vital links between people and places.

Value Engineering

Our approach to applying value engineering (VE) consists of working with our clients through a multi-day VE workshop to understand their subject matter functional needs. We then identify alternative ways to meet those needs that optimize performance and minimize cost. Through a defined six-step VE process, we then offer VE proposals to optimize the project’s value and maximize our clients return on investment.


An Elevated Engineering & Design Firm

At Stanley Consultants, we’re passionate about the work we do and the results we deliver for clients. While our proven track record shows why we’re an industry leader, we’ve also established a reputation for conducting business with integrity. Learn more about what sets Stanley Consultants apart from other engineering and design firms in the industry.

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