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Climate Risk Analysis for Renewable Energy Investor


Confidential Energy Investor

Project Type:

Environmental & Regulatory


United Kingdom

Key Takeaways

Temperatures Challenging Solar Production

Temperatures are challenging expected production levels of renewable energy systems.

Equipment Failures on the Rise

Renewable energy equipment is failing as temperatures exceed operating parameters.

Changes are Immediate

The impact to renewable energy systems is already happening and causing reduced output.

About the Project

Resilient Analytics assesses climate change risks on UK renewable energy investments

Climate change is having a significant impact on the renewable energy sector. Extreme heat is reducing energy output from solar fields and increasing the chances of equipment failure. Concurrently, changes in the amount of sunlight that is available are changing. Finally, changing wind patterns are impacting assumptions about wind turbine output. This is impacting the financial outlooks of these investments.

Resilient Analytics was the physical risk consultant in this effort with the responsibility to analyze potential changes in temperature and wind events across the UK. Additionally, the team was tasked with translating increases in these events to energy output impacts that would be incurred by the investment company. These were required on a portfolio of sites throughout the UK.

Resilient Analytics analyzed a suite of scenarios to determine how temperature and wind patterns would change throughout the UK. The team worked with the client to develop specific equipment and energy risk thresholds to set levels of impact for each location. The team utilized the client inputs to develop risk and cost profiles for each site with multiple timelines and multiple climate scenarios.


Environmental & Regulatory

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