Transforming Fire-Damaged Landmark Into Popular Venue

When a fire damaged Davenport, Iowa’s iconic Credit Island Lodge, citizens rallied to save the historic structure.   The Lodge was built on the on the Mississippi River in the ’20s.  For over 80 years, it was a golf course clubhouse until the course was closed due to frequent river flooding.  

After the fire, the City of Davenport appointed a Task Force to decide whether the Lodge should be torn down or rebuilt. Stanley Consultants presented eight concepts with costs to the Task Force, which recommended that the Lodge be restored using the $1.5 million insurance settlement. The challenge was reconstructing the large facility and addressing flooding concerns while staying within the limited budget.

Wet flood proofing eliminated flooding concerns. During reconstruction, spring-loaded stainless steel vents, installed low on the walls, allow floodwater to flow through the building.   The first floor is made of impervious materials and can be cleaned of flood residue.   Undamaged brick, concrete, structural steel, and undamaged steel framed windows were reused to retain the building’s character.

The Lodge’s historic look was retained, yet its functional value is far greater with public rental higher than before the fire.