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Rebuilding Iraq's Infrastructure

Stanley Consultants was part of the master planning and program management team supporting the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers mission to help reconstruct Iraq’s infrastructure, which had suffered major damage from general neglect and the liberation effort.

The opportunity to help rebuild a country came the summer of 2003.  The team was charged with master planning the reconstruction of Iraq's infrastructure.  Twenty-two engineers, architects and planners from Stanley Consultants and a partnering company, representing all infrastructure sectors and engineering disciplines, accepted the significant challenge. 

Upon arrival in Iraq, the team joined Retired Admiral Dave Nash and the Program Management Office (PMO) was formed.  Its job was to lay the foundation for the reconstruction effort as quickly as possible while the "permanent" PMO administration was organized.  Eventually renamed the Iraq Project and Contracting Office, it managed the $18.4 billion-dollar project appointed by the U.S. Congress to support the reconstruction of Iraq's infrastructure.  Within just six months the team developed a foundation for the rebuilding effort by: 

  • Working with Iraqi Ministries and Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) to identify projects for reconstruction.
  • Developing a database of projects to be used by the Iraqi Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation to coordinate reconstruction efforts.
  • Working with the Iraqi Ministries and CPA to prioritize the identified projects.
  • Developing cost estimates for reconstruction on a project-by-project basis.
  • Determining the set of projects to be constructed using U.S. government funds.
  • Producing over 2,300 project descriptions, required by the U.S. Congress, to explain what work was to be accomplished.
  • Developing over $4 billion in task orders to start the reconstruction.