Innovative LiDAR Survey Accelerates Intersection Improvement

Stanley Consultants provided complete design engineering services for the improvements of the intersection and the roadway widening at 9800 South and Wasatch Blvd.  By using LiDAR, Stanley Consultants helped accelerate the project’s schedule for this urban roadway intersection project.

The 9800 South and Wasatch Blvd intersection improvement project is an urban roadway that connects commuters to high-profile residential areas and recreational communities in the Little Cottonwood Canyon area.  The area is multi-modal and well-traveled by pedestrians, bicyclists, transit systems, and motorists.

Stanley Consultants, the survey and design consultant, saw the 9800 South and Wasatch Boulevard venture as the perfect project to use an innovative LiDAR survey.  Stanley Consultants' surveyors, using a combination of both LiDAR and ground surveying, conducted a thorough and detailed right-of-way boundary and topographical survey for the entire project area.  The LiDAR station was placed strategically to capture the most data and surveyors used wireless remote controls to operate the system.  By using LiDAR, Stanley Consultants was able to limit site visits, provide accurate data for completing ROW and design coordinates, thus allowing for an accelerated design schedule.