Vietnam Infrastructure Development Program

Stanley Consultants is helping Vietnam build a world-class transportation system by providing construction supervision services for the Noi Bai Nhat Tan Bridge Connecting Expressway.  

The Connecting Expressway, which links the Nhat Tan Bridge across the Red River to Noi Bai International Airport, is an integral element of a new international gateway to northern Vietnam.  Part of a nationwide infrastructure development program, the Connecting Expressway will alleviate congestion and improve transport from Noi Bai to downtown Hanoi, improving the capital city’s investment climate.  It cuts the distance between Noi Bai International Airport and the inner city of Hanoi from the 20 miles to 9 miles, reducing travel time by nearly 45 minutes.  

The joint venture of Stanley Consultants (USA) and CTI Engineering International (Japan) won the contract through competitive bidding as a result of an invitation from the Vietnam Ministry of Transport (Hanoi) and Project Management Unit No. 85 (Vinh City) to provide design review and construction supervision services.  The Stanley Consultants team had overall responsibility for the entire project through all stages of construction. 

The 7.5 mile, six-lane expressway runs through urban and rural, agricultural areas and is bordered by two-lane frontage roads. The project included two river, two highway and one railroad crossings, four major interchanges, several flyovers, and connection to Noi Bai International Airport at the north end and the JICA-financed Nhat Tan cable-stayed bridge across the Red River at the south end.   Construction of the $450 million project was completed within the scheduled 40 months through five construction contracts.