Traffic Management & Safety

Stanley Consultants provides traffic studies, traffic evaluation of alternatives, and analysis of intersection configurations.

Designing transportation systems to be smooth flowing, safe, efficient and intuitive for drivers takes a team skilled in all facets of traffic engineering and traffic management.  Experience has shown that traffic safety goes hand-in-hand with smooth and efficient traffic operations.  Disrupting the smooth flow of traffic increases the probability of crashes.   

Stanley Consultants has an extensive background in both the conventional techniques of signage, signals, markings, and tolling, as well as a wide variety of intelligent transportation systems (ITS).  Our ITS experience includes measures such as variable message signs, ramp meters, video cameras, fiber and wireless system communications, traffic operations control centers and  ITS & infrastructure integration.

Whether you require high level policy and strategic advice at the beginning of a project or detailed engineering advice at the design stage, you'll benefit from the commitment and dedication provided by Stanley Consultants.  Connect with Us to learn how your transportation systems can benefit from traffic management & ITS solutions.

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