Northwestern University Entrance Intersection Improvements

Stanley Consultants was selected by Northwestern University of Evanston, Illinois to design parking lot and access improvements around its historic buildings.

The improvements successfully improved aesthetics around the buildings by providing additional landscaping and green space, architectural improvements, and decorative lighting around Lunt Hall, Jacobs Center, and Swift Hall.

This project also incorporated intersection improvements at the parking lot entrance to improve access and safety for an area with heavy pedestrian use.  This entrance, 1 Northwestern Place intersection, provides access to the University’s parking lots and buildings. Prior to the improvements, this entrance was stop-controlled and is now signalized.

The access drive to Lunt Hall and the Jacob’s Center was realigned to improve emergency vehicle access and provide more green space.  These improvements included modification of pedestrian paths, resurfacing of the parking lot; parking lot and pedestrian lighting, installation of emergency phones, storm sewer modifications, and fire hydrant relocation.

In addition, the University conducted extensive landscaping improvements to enhance aesthetics.  The project adds landscaping and architectural improvements to integrate parking spaces, drop-off areas, and loading zones.