Industrial Boiler MACT Compliance

Stanley Consultants is leading the way for companies to meet new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. Stanley Consultants provides beginning to end services to help our clients achieve and maintain compliance with the new Boiler MACT requirements.  We provide:

  • Technology evaluations and retrofit cost estimates to help you develop a plan.
  • Fuel switching studies and design.
  • AQCS retrofit and balance of plant design including DSI, scrubbers and PM control device modifications.
  • Design of large engine generator installations and package boiler retrofits.
  • Preparation and evaluation of equipment and construction bid packages.
  • Construction phase engineering services
  • Commissioning services
  • Applicability Determinations/Summary of Requirements
  • Environmental Permitting for Control Equipment Installations 

On April 1, 2013, EPA finalized the Boiler MACT for industrial, commercial and institutional boilers.  In general, owners will need to be in compliance with the new emission limits by January 31, 2016.  With an estimated 14,000 existing units impacted by these rules many owners are evaluating how and when to proceed.  Please download our free Boiler MACT White Paper for a brief overview of the new rule and its requirements.

These regulations are forcing manufacturers to choose between three general options to meet compliance – retrofit, repower, or retire. Retrofits could involve the addition of new air quality control systems such as sorbent injection or scrubber system and the replacement or enhancement of particulate control devices.  Repowering can include converting solid fuel boilers to natural gas, replacing existing boilers with natural gas units, and shifting peak electric shaving to engine generators among other options.  Retiring units while still being able to provide the safe and cost effective steam, and electricity for you plant or campus may require significant changes to the generation and distribution approach you have always relied on.

We understand how significant the impact of these regulations can be. Not only are they costly, but they have the potential to significantly affect production often in a space constrained facility. Stanley Consultants can help you evaluate and design the right solution to keep your production online and your facility in compliance.