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Dan Miller, Bob Henry Featured In Storm Water Solutions Magazine

Storm Water Solutions | June 2018.

Stanley Engineers Tour University of Iowa’s National Advanced Driving Simulator

Visiting the nation’s premier driving simulation research and development facility.

A Road Map to Large Program Military Construction Success

The Military Engineer | By Tom Karnowski, P.E., PMP, M.SAME, and Richard Stump, AIA, LEED AP, F.SAME

OCEA-mazing: Five Projects, Five Brilliant Innovations

Each of the finalists ASCE’s 2018 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement award ranks among the most impressive new engineering projects in the world. By Ben Walpole, ASCE News.

Pure Power: Knowing When and How to Parallel Generators

Pure Power is a quarterly publication for engineers and contractors involved in electrical control systems, emergency building systems, fuses and circuit breakers, surge-suppression devices, motor controls and drives, wiring and electrical distribution systems, power monitoring devices, UPS, and lighting systems.

University of Iowa Honoring Former Chair Emeritus Dick Stanley and His Wife Mary Jo

December 8, 2017 | The University of Iowa is honoring our former Chair Emeritus Dick Stanley and his wife Mary Jo, for their generous donation to the university’s museum of art.

Loveland Downtown Projects Prompt Changes to Street Improvement Plan

December 4, 2017 | Stanley Consultants Collaborating with Loveland on Street Modernization

Municipal Utility Saves Major Costs with Effective Risk Management

December 1, 2017 | When commissioning completed in August 2017, all those involved with the Ray D. Nixon Power Plant sulfur dioxide (SO2) scrubber and activated carbon injection system project were pleased with the results.

Exit 12 Plan Advances but Funding Remains Uncertain

December 1, 2017 | Stanley Consultants Studies Easing Congestion at Busy Ruby Road Exit

It's a Two-Way Street

November 30, 2017 | The benefits to be gained from a good mentor relationship have the potential to outweigh education, natural ability, and even luck.

Built From Below

November 30, 2017 | The $95-million effort to first widen and then replace the 1,315 ft long Fox River Bridge, in Elgin, Illinois, faced myriad obstacles, including the need to avoid causing traffic delays on a busy stretch of Interstate 90.

Performing PV System Feasibility Studies Correctly

Learning objectives •Know when solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are an option for the building client. •Learn how to calculate the feasibility of specifying PV systems for a building. •Calculate return on investment for alternative-energy PV systems.

Rocky Mountain Splendor

November 1, 2017 | This Rocky Mountain home is in ski country, Steamboat Springs, Colorado (pop. 12,088), which lies in the northwest part of the state.

Six Steps for Designing Ground Heat Exchangers

Designing ground-coupled heat pump (GCHP) HVAC systems require careful consideration of system configuration and the ability to clearly navigate the design paths within the owner’s budget. Learning objectives: •Understand the basic concepts and equipment of a ground-source heat pump system. •Review key elements of ground-coupled heat pump (GCHP) design. •Understand maintenance and operations requirements for GCHP and incorporate them in the design.

Mitigating Arc Flash Hazards

Designers must account for several special constraints when mitigating arc flash hazards. Learning objectives •Know the codes and standards as they apply to arc flash. •Learn about the various products and systems that can help mitigate arc flash. •Understand how arc-resistant switchgear can redirect energy away from personnel.

How to Perform a Pipe Stress Analysis

Learning objectives •Define and evaluate the pipe stress analysis process. •Understand pipe stress analysis. •Learn how to model a piping system and pressure design basics.

Improving Distribution Systems in the Caribbean Hurricane Zone

Smart grids and microgrids are trendy in the transmission and distribution markets these days. But in the Caribbean, island nations have been operating their own distributed energy and microgrids for a long time.

A Breath of Cleaner Air on the Lake Michigan Shore

Working on a small patch of land bordered on one side by Lake Michigan and on the other three by the small city of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, the team tasked with the installation of a state-of-the-art air quality control system on Unit 5 of Alliant Energy’s Edgewater Generating Station faced, and overcame, unique challenges.

In Upstate New York, How Modernizing an Installation Took Shape

By leveraging the benefits of a collaborative master planning effort, and through calculated expansion projects over a multi-year period, Fort Drum and Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield are primed for the 21st century. By Lt. Col. Kevin Lovell, PMP, M.SAME, USA (Ret.), and Bradley Pankow, P.E., PMP, M.SAME