Benefits for Older Workers

March 1, 2012
The joke at retirement parties at Stanley Consultants is "see you on Monday."

About 60 percent of the Muscatine, Iowa, company's retirees do, in fact, head back into work—as special project leaders or contract workers, or in a part-time capacity.

The engineering company, with 850 employees in the United States and 250 overseas, is getting ahead of a potential tsunami of Baby Boomer retirements. Like officials at other corporations and nonprofits, Stanley's executives are working hard to retain their own older workers and to lure retirees from other businesses by offering schedules and benefits that appeal to people in that age group.

Dale Sweere, Stanley's director of human resources, says older workers are sought out because they "typically hit the ground running much quicker and they fit into the organization well."

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