Keeping Up - Regulatory Awareness Key for Ensuring Long-Term Facility Health

July 5, 2012
By Kristin Muckerheide

Regulatory awareness key for ensuring long-term facility health

Water and wastewater industry members must always prepare for the future. WWD Associate Editor Kristin Muckerheide recently discussed wastewater expansion planning for nutrients and flood mitigation with Jay M. Brady, P.E., principal environmental engineer at Stanley Consultants Inc.

Kristin Muckerheide: How can wastewater treatment facilities stay on top of uncertain and ever-changing nutrient requirements?

Jay M. Brady: Facilities need to stay aware of the nutrient policy and regulatory changes that seem to be frequently occurring. Facilities should consider studying nutrient removal alternatives for differing levels of nutrient removal requirements to give a full picture of what their potential upgrades and associate costs will be for a given effluent requirement. This level of service planning is especially important for those facilities in the process of planning an upgrade. Even if nutrient removal is not added to a current upgrade, a plan should be in place that allows for building and incorporating nutrient removal facilities into the existing plant.

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