Rock Island City Council Presents CIP

The Rock Island City Council met Nov. 7 to present the capital improvement plan.



Interim Public Works Director Larry Cook advised that they had received news in June of 2015 that there would be a RFP from the Defense Logistics Agency for a potential utilities privatization for the Rock Island Arsenal. Mr. Cook explained that they began conversations with a couple of consultants (Mead & Hunt and Stanley Consultants) in which the initial goal was to determine the feasibility of going after the privatization contract for the Arsenal. Mr. Cook then introduced Mr. Jeffrey Sorenson from Mead & Hunt.

Mr. Sorenson advised that the Defense Logistics Agency is planning to privatize the utility systems on the Arsenal. Mr. Sorenson pointed out that this is in no way intended to offset the existing City contract to treat the wastewater; it is separate; it is to simply manage the infrastructure on the Arsenal.

Mr. Sorenson advised that the Defense Logistics Agency will go through a lengthy process to determine who has the best value offerings on this project and they will be very selective. Mr. Sorenson stated that there is a 300 page RFP that will come out between January and March of 2017. Mr. Sorenson indicated that through the process, a lengthy proposal will need to be submitted and the end result will be a 50 year contract with the Defense Logistics Agency. Mr. Sorenson indicated that the entire process will take about two or three years to get from today until the contract is awarded.

Mr. Sorenson stated that the City hired Mead & Hunt along with Stanley Consultants to do a five part study. Mr. Sorenson then discussed the five part study in detail, which included; inventory development, financial analysis, risk analysis, SWOT assessment and today’s presentation. Mr. Sorenson then explained the results of each task in the study they conducted.

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