Dan Reilly leads investor-owned utility effort in Great Lakes for Stanley Consultants

Reilly_Dan_HR.jpgChicago – Dan Reilly will lead the investor-owned utility sales effort in the Great Lakes and Midwest regions for Stanley Consultants. He brings a broad service offering, including power generation and distributed energy, but has extensive experience in electrical transmission and distribution services. Stanley Consultants is a worldwide provider of engineering, environmental and construction services. 

Reilly will base in the firm’s Chicago office and operate in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania, among others.His most recent experience was indesign and engineering protection and controls for intelligent substations, integration and automation into smart utility networks. Products included intelligent motion control systems, AC servo motors, drives, controllers, PLCs, networks and software.  

Reilly said that Stanley Consultants is responding to major changes in the power business.  

“It will be an exciting time for the next decade with substation integration and automation, digital and intelligent substations,” Reilly said. “I’ll mostly work with transmission and distribution design services but will have eyes on power generation for these clients as well.” 

A large segment of talent is retiring from utilities, leaving a gap for consultants and design firms to fill, Reilly said. For example, as older electromechanical devices are torn out and replaced by computer-aided equipment, designers can take advantage of their features, but not without accurate drawings of the system that may not be available or kept up through the years. 

“A lot of utilities have people who are long-term with a great deal of institutional knowledge. They are taking this knowledge into retirement with them, leaving the younger generation without documented standards and drawings of how the system works. 

 In addition to experience in professional services for the electric utility transmission and distribution power markets, Reilly is effective in coaching, direct sales force management and communicating between technical and business-minded project teams 


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